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Reception Team

We Develop Christlike Leaders

Meet the Reception Team

Portrait of Ailona smiling at the camera

Ailona Masoe

Portrait of Maren smiling at the camera

Maren Lamoglia

Assisting students and visitors is our primary responsibility.

We assist students with picking up their vouchers and equipment for their activities. We help answer inquiries to the best of our ability. We also help them connect with other teams in the department.

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Process of Getting the Voucher
  1. Present student ID.
  2. Must be a member of the club presidency.
  3. Must sign and understand the voucher agreement form (once a semester).
  4. Name on voucher must match the ID.
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Process of Getting Equipment
  1. Send request to club supervisor.
  2. An officer can only take a maximum of four equipment at a time. If you will get five or more equipment, make sure to bring another officer.
  3. Equipment must be returned a day after checking out. Failure to comply will have a $50 late fee charged to the club account per day until the fifth day. After the fifth day, $50 will be charged to the borrower's student account.