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Accounting Team

We Develop Christlike Leaders

Meet the Accounting Team

Portrait of Seito smiling at the camera

Seito Ono

Accounting Manager
Portrait of Melanaite smiling at the camera

Melenaite Samani

Accounting Supervisor
Portrait of Sirawit smiling at the camera

Sirawit Kitwongpak

Accounting Supervisor
Portrait of Jazmin smiling at the camera

Shinta Kawaguchi

Accounting Supervisor
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"Do not spend money for that which is of no worth, nor your labor for that which cannot satisfy."
2 Nephi 9:51
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BYU–Hawaii is a unique place. Undoubtedly the most diverse university in the United States, our faculty, staff, and student body come from across the globe with the desire to learn and serve. Our clubs represent cultures, ideas, and the people around this campus. As accounting supervisors, we have more than 80+ accounts that we need to keep track of. Our responsibility is to maintain an accurate flow of funds in each account in order to assist the Student Leadership department and clubs in any way possible.

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Services Offered
  • Distribution of cash vouchers.
  • Reconcile club accounts.
  • Assist clubs in receiving funds.
    • Membership fees during Club Fest. 
    • Matching funds from the Student Leadership & Service.  
    • Participation in Food Fest.,
    • Service grants—See Service Center, for service grant opportunities. 
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Message to Club Presidencies

Protect your club budget for your club members. Inviting other to your club event when using your budget may take away from those who signed up for your club. Your club members should always be priority.