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Student Advisory Council


Student Advisory Council (SAC) serves as the primary link between students and the administration. We are a neutral body communicating student opinions to the administration to increase transparency. A large portion of work involves research projects addressing concerns or ideas to improve campus. These projects investigate student opinion and alternative options to issues. We then present our findings and recommendations to those who can make the changes.


Student Advisory Council researches ideas and concerns about our university 'ohana to build a positive and meaningful experience for students, administration, and the community.

Student Advisory Council Fulfills Our Mission By:

  • Conducting surveys and focus groups.
  • Hosting Q&A forums.
  • Sitting on school administrative councils.
  • Communicating with students through social media.

Have a Question or Suggestion?

Go to our Virtual Question & Suggestion Box!

Virtual Question & Suggestion Box

Volunteer with us

Volunteering with SAC is an opportunity to help make changes on campus. Volunteers can work on research projects, sit on our councils, work with students and gain valuable skills in research. Volunteers can expect to contribute one to four hours a week towards Student Advisory Council. SAC is looking for volunteers who represent different areas across campus to better understand student opinion.