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Airport Shuttle

Airport Shuttle

Airport Shuttle

If you are looking to make a shuttle reservation, please contact Island Transporter by calling, emailing, or visiting their website.

- Call: (808) 293-5877

- Email:

- Online: (At the bottom of the form where it asks for a PROMO CODE, please type in "Coconut" to get the BYUH rate)

Winter 2014 Departures 4/11–4/19
Summer 2014 Arrivals (1st Session) 4/11–4/20
Summer 2014 Departures (1st Session) 6/05–6/10
Summer 2014 Arrivals (2nd Session) 7/10–7/13
Summer 2014 Departures (2nd Session) 8/27–9/03
Fall 2014 Arrivals 8/27–9/08
Fall 2014 Departures 12/12–12/18
NOTE: The Coconut Express rate for students and their families scheduled within the dates listed above is $50 plus tax and is valid for transfers between the Honolulu Airport and BYU–Hawaii. A special discounted rate of $105 plus tax is also available for those whose travel plans fall outside of the designated times listed above. All pickups scheduled after 10:00 PM may be assessed the higher rate.
There are no refunds or cancellations. Once an order is placed and payment received, you will automatically be charged whether or not the service is used.